The CovID19 pandemic has proved to be a huge disruption to the economic stability of a vast number of businesses. If you are a business owner/operator and you are struggling to keep your cash flow running, a solution might be to move your business online. Wether you run a yoga studio  or a restaurant, there are alternatives available to you that might enable you to keep the wheels turning.

Here’s how we can help …

We can get you up and running online

We’ve been making websites since the very birth of the web in 1994 and there is nobody in the web design business in the south coast of NSW that knows as much about it as us. If you feel like there is a way you can continue trading using the internet then we can make that happen for you.

The options:

The 'Free' option

Online services such as Square enable you to set up a basic online service, to set up products and to sell them using online credit card fulfilment. We can help you get those online stores up and running leaving you to get on with keeping your business alive. We charge a reasonable hourly rate for this, get in touch with us to find out more.

the upgrade option

If you have an existing site that's been unloved for a while then we can bring it back to life, add a new lick of paint and ensure that it is fully capable of meeting the demands of your customers. We specialise in WordPress sites but we're happy to look at existing sites on any platform or system. Get in touch with us to discuss the options.

the new option

If you want a good website that will see you through this current crisis and serve you well in all capacities as we emerge from the current state of affairs, then we can build your business its very own bespoke WordPress website. We can add appointments, online payments and any other features you might need to take your business online.

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