Web Design

We’ve been making websites since the early 90s and have seen all the fads come and go. We specialise in cool content managed websites that enable you to update them whenever you wish.

These days there a huge numbers of ways to get your business online, but the mistake a lot of businesses make is thinking that the DIY solution is the best way forward. For some it can be a great and cheap entry into the online world, but unless you have plenty of time and the marketing, design and SEO skills of a seasoned professional it’s never going to get your business to the next stage.

Your online presence i s absolutely crucial in the modern world. The days of flicking through a doorstep sized yellow pages are long gone – people will look for you online – they will pick up their smart phone, tablet or sit at their computer and search for you. If you’re not there and if your website isn’t compelling – just a click of the mouse and you’ve lost that potential customer.

We special in creating content managed sites. These are websites that you can update yourself, using a simple word processor style interface. Want to add a new product to your site? No problem. Need to change the price on an item? No dramas. Need to change a picture because a member of staff has left? It’s easy. But we won’t create a site and wave goodbye either, we can help you keep your site up-to-date, current and competing in its market.

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