About Web Design Solutions

How long have you been using the Internet and the World-Wide Web (and does anyone even call it that any more?) For many people the Internet ‘began’ at some point in the early 2000s or possibly late ’90s. We’ve been out here for a fair bit longer than that. We’ve been online since the late 80s and began designing websites in the early 90s. Our first website was was for Penguin Books – and it won awards!

So we’ve been making websites for more than 15 years which, in this game, makes us practically royalty. We’ve seen two dotcom booms and busts, we’ve seen companies come and go. We’ve watched the obession with animated GIFs and Flash, the rise of social networking and the arrival of Google. We’ve seen browsers come and go and fads begin and end, and there’s still loads more to learn!

Web Design Solutions is a core team of techical and creative professionals. At the heart of the company is Catherine who works alongside her husband Andy (copy writer, photographer and all round techincal guru) and friends and colleagues Mike (web developer extraordinaire) and Katie (photographer and general creative genius). Together we can work with you to create the solution you are looking for.

If you’d like to discuss anything relating to web or graphic design,
please contact Catherine Hutchinson on 0488 667707
or send us an email